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Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting Plan for them who wants to host their individuals and small websites developed in PHP with MySql Database, on the Linux server.


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Hostfree is offering discounts on our Shared Hosting plans! Our Web hosting packages come with a , preinstallable drag-and-drop builder for WordPress,  and solid-state drives (SSDs) for 20x faster content delivery. Find out why individuals and business alike are moving their sites to Hostfree today.

Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Hosting

A great deal of times, free web hosting and paid web hosting offers a similar security, network transmission capacity and port speed. The main distinction is the facilitating highlights included. These elements incorporate extra disk storage, data transfer, technical support, more email accounts, and so on.

For a business opening another site, or for any customary site, the disk storage and data transfer presented by a free web hosting administration would be adequate. It requires investment to grow a site and gather an adequate number of visitors to maximize the storage or data transfer limit of a free web hosting bundle. You can constantly upgrade your service from the free web hosting to paid hosting service when the opportunity arrives.

All in all, except if your site require the particular highlights presented by the paid web hosting plans, free web hosting services may be all you really want and particularly assuming you are expecting to set aiming to save on money without compromising on the performance.

Benefits of Using a Free Web Hosting Service:


  1. Cost-Efficiency: The most obvious benefit is that it’s free. This is a great option for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets.

  2. Easy Entry for Beginners: It’s an excellent option for those who are just starting out with their online presence. It allows you to learn the ropes of web hosting without any financial commitment.

  3. Experimentation and Learning: You can use free hosting to experiment with website building, coding, and other technical aspects without any financial risk.

  4. Personal Projects: Ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, or hobby websites that don’t require advanced features or high traffic.

  5. No Initial Investment: You don’t need to make an upfront payment, making it accessible for those who are testing out ideas or projects.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that free hosting often comes with limitations, such as restricted resources, limited support, and potential downtime. 

What we offer

The complimentary hosting package is ideal for lightweight websites such as a WordPress blog, an Internet forum, or a site created using our Site Builder. Typically, a free account can comfortably accommodate around 30,000 daily visitors for a PHP-based website, or virtually an unlimited number of visitors for a purely HTML-based site. We don’t impose any restrictions on the availability of your website – it will remain accessible 24 hours a day.

(FAQ'S) Frequently Asked Question's :

 Free Web hosting allows you to host a single website and comes with disk space and bandwidth cap.

 There are many different types of Web hosting like shared hosting, WordpPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting. All these types of hosting have its own advantages and disadvantages. Among all the various kinds of web hosting, shared hosting is usually considered as the cheapest among all kinds of hosting. But why people use it? The answer is simple; they can’t afford to get any other kind of hosting due to the affordability factor.

 Shared hosting simply means sharing resources of one physical server among many customers . It’s like renting an apartment than actually buying a house on your own The more number of websites hosted on a single server, the greater is chances of facing performance issues. Also, security becomes a big concern in shared hosting.

 Paid hosting is web space that is rented from a Paid host service provider on one of their servers that you can install your website files on Server. free web hosting service it does come with certain limitations. Also, HostFree does not provide any support in free hosting, if you required any support you need to Upgrade Plan.

 HostFree  Free Hosting Plan for them who wants to host their individuals and small websites developed in PHP with MySql Database, on the Linux server.

 Bandwidth is the most important factor in deciding with which hosting service to go. With shared hosting, bandwidth is typically restricted and actually counts against your site’s total used space. When traffic goes above specific limits of data transfer for more than 30 days, you will be contacted by our team to discuss possibilities of upgrading your account.

 No, HostFree does not provide SSL certificate in Free Hosting.

 If you want to, you can move your website from another web hosting company to Hostfree. Our Technical Support staff can help you do this by providing steps that you need to follow. If you need more help, please contact our Support team at

 No, HostFree is a web hosting provider, not a web-designer. We do not offer website design services. Please contact your preferred web development company if you are looking for website design work to be done on your behalf.

 No, For free web hosting Domain should be registered and active.